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Developers are doing so by striking deals with state regulators to study, monitor and contain contamination, often without cleaning up all pollution on property they’d like to purchase and build on.Such deals, known as brownfields agreements, have been vital in redeveloping land into useful commercial sites in the Vista between the State House and the Congaree River, said Fred Delk, director of the Columbia Development Corp.Longway Tavern's bar program will be run by Barrel Proof beverage director Liam Deegan.Drinks will include classic cocktails such as Gibsons and Champs Elysees, as well as new creations like the Chartreuse swizzle and an Irish coffee Manhattan.DHEC recently sent out a notice advising the public of Southeastern’s proposed brownfields contract with the state.Some of the land that was part of the gas plant site already is under a brownfields cleanup agreement, records show. Environmental Protection Agency has historically favored such agreements as a way to reuse industrial property, if the land isn’t too contaminated.

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Extensive cleanups often are required on the nation’s most contaminated sites.

Once DHEC signs off on a contract, the agency is comfortable that the land is safe for certain uses by the public.

Delk estimated that his office has helped developers get federal money to study about 100 contaminated sites in the Vista and elsewhere in Columbia during the past 20 years.

"That was why we opened Sylvain." Chef John Sinclair of Barrel Proof is designing its menu.

It will include fried calamari with blistered tomatoes, charred lemon and bitter greens, a steak sandwich with caramelized onion aioli, grilled scallions and Worcestershire, and a chicken thigh served with root vegetable hash, cauliflower cream and mostarda.

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