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The game goes wrong Barbara paraded around on stage as an item for sale.A tinge of fear and humiliation worked upon her emotions, sending a thrill of chemicals to her brain.Hormones were flooding her mind, arousing her, flushing the last of the reservations away. He told everyone how deep and tight her vagina was.The auctioneer's description of the goods for sale was complete and detailed. A figure was given for how tight she could grip a penis, or dildo, in her vagina, and up her bottom. From the measurements he concluded she was an accomplished cock sucker.The personal and private statistics were demeaning and should have brought her down, but they fired her up.She hadn't expected an intimate description of her body, as she'd not filled in that section. Jilly had been in front of her, ready to drape the auction number thirty-six around her neck, when she was called away.

The demure attitude, looking down, looking submissive, showed she would submit to whatever a master desired.She set her mind to accepting a state of slavery, and was determined to accept the new owner would have to be obeyed, whoever he was.*** With large breasts, long legs, and long blonde hair, she was a stunning image of femininity.It could be anyone of these men taking her from here, to use for his pleasure. He would be a vigorous, rampant male, using her body in a constant round of inventive sexual acts.As her eyes became accustomed to the light, she began to see arms raising numbered paddles. Every day he would demand more challenging positions, and make her play more outrageous sexual games.

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