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It was also the center of the General Consultative Council, which played a significant role in the creation of the Council of Ministers.

In August 1926, Abdul-Aziz approved a comprehensive constitution that was called the Basic Regulation (al-Talimat al-Assasiah) for the province of Hijaz.

Most importantly, the fourth article of this document established several governmental bodies, which included the Consultative Council, Administrative Councils, District Councils, and Village and Tribal Councils.

Most of the constitutional basics in the Kingdom were embedded in the Law of the Council of Ministers.Focusing on the needs of the Saudi citizens, Saudi governmental agencies experienced a great deal of expansion during the 1980s.During the reign of King Khalid ibn of decision making and checks and balances.Abdul-Aziz focused gradually on transforming a simple administrative structure into a series of well-defined and well-organized institutions which administered and assisted the executive authority in managing the affairs of an expanding territory.Focusing on the needs of his people, Abdul-Aziz In 1924, the "National Council" (al-Majlis al-Ahli), a consultative council introduced by Abdul-Aziz, began to take on powers, except for foreign and military affairs, which were handled by the King.

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