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Candles can then be placed at the cardinal points of the circle to represent the four elements.

After this, an altar is prepared in the exact middle, to represent the element of spirit.

While some Wiccans may disagree on the number of deities, most agree that the genders need to be kept in balance, as they are representative of the balance of nature.

Since Wicca is an earth religion, its practitioners believe in a cycle of new beginnings, and many Wiccans believe in reincarnation.

While this may seem confusing, all of these beliefs share something in common.

Wiccans are an earth religion, so the God and Goddess are in a way a representation of the Earth itself—where all magic power comes from.

The poem was only published recently, but some Wiccans claim it has been handed down for generations and has ancient origins.

While the entire poem is a bit long to reproduce in this article, you can read the full text here.

The most important lines of the poem make up the main laws of morality in Wicca.

This is sometimes referred to as a sort of Wiccan bible, but it doesn’t really compare because there isn’t one textbook that all Wiccans follow.

A book of shadows is actually more like a diary of a Wiccan’s own spiritual journey and is thus very personal.

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