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(B) Authority This rule is promulgated under the authority of division (B) of section 1347.15 of the Revised Code that requires each state agency to adopt rules under Chapter 119.

(c) The date, time, and place of hearing, if any, or the effective date of action taken, or to be taken.

(E) Discretion to vary publication Whenever the superintendent of insurance determines that the subject matter of public notice is of an unusual nature and appropriate for more widespread publication, the superintendent may direct that such notice be also made in newspapers of general circulation of not less than ten thousand in one or more of the following counties: Mahoning, Montgomery, Summit and Athens.

Whenever the subject matter of public notice is of a regional nature, the superintendent of insurance may direct such special publication as appropriate.

(F) Severability If any paragraph, term or provision of this rule is adjudged invalid for any reason, the judgment shall not affect, impair or invalidate any other paragraph, term or provision of this rule, but the remaining paragraphs, terms and provisions shall be and continue in full force and effect.

Effective: 11/10/2014Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 08/26/2014 and 08/26/2019Promulgated Under: 119.03 Statutory Authority: 3901.041 Rule Amplifies: 119.01 to 119.14, Chapters 1731., 1739., 1751., 1761.

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